Georgetown Winery Initiative

How Would You Like to Have a Glass of Wine with Dinner on the Square?

There is a way to accomplish this….let’s make the rest of Georgetown, including Sun City and The Square wet……Instead of having to bring your own bottles of wine and pay a corkage fee, let’s raise the funds necessary to get the “Winery Initiative” passed.

What Is The Winery Initiative?
It is a ballot initiative being organized locally to give citizens a chance to vote in next May’s general election on leveling the rules for all of Georgetown when it comes to existing liquor laws.

Why Does It Matter?
Presently much of our city is fully “wet” while other parts of the city are not.  This creates an unlevel playing field for business development and has recently come into focus downtown as efforts to recruit downtown wineries have run into the limits of our current laws.  This initiative will:

* Help level the business opportunities throughout the City.

* Permit restaurants downtown to provide meals with wine and beer at a much lower licensing cost  which will help keep more restaurants open downtown.

* Allow Wine Growers/Wineries to open in the Square and provide their wines without the Agricultural requirement of 50% Texas grown grape usage.

* Remove a big road block to successful winery recruitment downtown helping Georgetown become a destination of choice for people all over the State are elsewhere.

How you can help get it done.
We need to raise $20,000 more to accomplish this.  If there is anyone who would like to become the “Angel” for this initiative, please call John Marler at 512-807-9435 or Karin Truxillo at 512-966-0166 to donate. In addition to finding “Angels”, we will be having fund raisers for just this purpose.  Please come and join us for a wine tasting and the making of history by donating to this initiative.  

Fund raisers will be held as follows:
* October 29th – Novita Spa and Book Pride, on 7th Street, 6-8pm

* November 4th – Nonna’s Cucina, 123 8th Street, 6-8pm

* November 5th – Down The Alley Bistro, 118 W. 8th Street, 6-8pm with a Silent Auction

* November 6th, – DGA Friday Night Street Dance, On The Square, 7-9pm


2 Responses to Georgetown Winery Initiative

  1. This is such an important issue for the future development and growth of downtown. We hear a lot of positive comments about the urgency in getting this on the ballot. It will take gathering the funds, and we hope everyone will attend one of the fundraising events this week. Thank you for your consideration.
    Trisha Tallman ~ Downtown Georgetown Assn.

  2. Thomas Craven says:

    I am new to the area. I would like to see Georgetown serve not only wine and beer but hard liquor. Will this initiative address that issue?

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